Knott Landfill Recycling & Transfer Facility

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Contact Details

  • Address: 61050 SE 27th Street, Bend, OR 97701
  • GPS: 44.0153523,-121.2588519
  • Phone: (541) 317-3163 (Main Line), (541) 388-6599 (Recorded Info)
  • Mobile Phone: (541) 317-3163 (Main Line), (541) 388-6599 (Recorded Info)

Opening Times

  • Monday 7am-4:30pm (Nov.-April), 7am-5pm (May-Oct)
  • Tuesday 7am-4:30pm (Nov.-April), 7am-5pm (May-Oct)
  • Wednesday 7am-4:30pm (Nov.-April), 7am-5pm (May-Oct)
  • Thursday 7am-4:30pm (Nov.-April), 7am-5pm (May-Oct)
  • Friday 7am-4:30pm (Nov.-April), 7am-5pm (May-Oct)
  • Saturday 7am-4:30pm (Nov.-April), 7am-5pm (May-Oct)
  • Sunday closed (Nov.-April), 7am-5pm (May-Oct)

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The Knott Landfill Recycling & Transfer Facility is located on 61050 SE 27th Street, Bend, OR 97701. This landfill is opened on the following hours:

  • Monday: 7am-4:30pm (Nov.-April), 7am-5pm (May-Oct)
  • Tuesday: 7am-4:30pm (Nov.-April), 7am-5pm (May-Oct)
  • Wednesday: 7am-4:30pm (Nov.-April), 7am-5pm (May-Oct)
  • Thursday: 7am-4:30pm (Nov.-April), 7am-5pm (May-Oct)
  • Friday: 7am-4:30pm (Nov.-April), 7am-5pm (May-Oct)
  • Saturday: 7am-4:30pm (Nov.-April), 7am-5pm (May-Oct)
  • Sunday: closed (Nov.-April), 7am-5pm (May-Oct)

The landfill is closed on all US federal holidays. The dumps on the landfill are regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the applicable state laws.

The Knott landfill Oregon buries trash and garbage below secured and stratified layers of dirt and isolating material. The transfer station accepts tire, solid waste, hazardous waste, and inert material waste. For any other type of waste that you are not SURE ABOUT, you can reach them out at (541) 317-3163.

You may contact the Not Landfill Bend Oregon about any information regarding: waste managing policies, recycling policies, commercial garbage, accepted types of trash, industrial waste, household garbage, appliances disposal and hazardous waste management. Materials that not accepted: Construction debris loads of more than four cubic yards, Dirt, concrete, rocks, bricks, and other inert material, Hazardous materials, Liquids, Manure, Ashes (dead or alive), Asbestos, Bulky heavy items that may damage the transfer trailers or hinder unloading.

Drop-off for hazardous trash
Numerous types of hazardous waste from residential users are accepted without charge at the hazardous waste facility at the Knott Landfill Recycling and Transfer Facility. Every second and fourth Friday and Saturday of the month, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., the Hazardous Waste Facility is open. Hazardous garbage produced by businesses is taken for a charge. Contact (541) 317-3163 for further details.

You can reach the Knott Landfill Recycling & Transfer Facility about their opening hours to the public and what is the visitor policy. They would gladly answer your questions.

Household refuse / construction debris

Qualifies for the Secure Load Rebate
Up to 400 pounds $22
Each additional 100 pounds $3
Special Waste
Asbestos Up to 2,000 pounds $100
Each additional pound $0.05
Contaminated soil per pound $0.0175

Online services EPA

Solid Waste Brochure

Secure Your Load

EPA Certifications

EPA regulations

Popular questions at Knott Landfill Recycling & Transfer Facility

What is a secure chemical landfill?

Chemical landfills are a variation of sanitary landfills. Chemical landfills are made to secure and hazardous waste. This type of landfill is made on top of a nonporous bedrock. The idea is to create a place that is specialized to reduce the likelihood of hazardous waste reaching the environment. This type of landfill has a pit with a heavily protected bottom that does not allow hazardous materials to reach the soil. These landfills are operated by specialized personnel, and they have strong monitoring systems. To deposit materials in a chemical landfill, it is mandatory to research the local applicable laws and any federal laws that pertain to the type of waste that you intend to dispose of.

Where is a landfill near me?

There are many landfills and they have accepted different types of waste. To make it simpler for our readers to locate your nearest landfill, we have created a simple website that helps you to answer those questions. The website is free and very simple to use. All that you must do is input your zip code and the type of waste that you will deposit. The website generates an interactive map, where it lists all landfills near your zip code that accept your predefined type of waste. The website also generates a list of all landfills near you where you can click and get more information for each landfill.

How much of our trash ends up in a landfill?

There is a lot of waste generated in the USA. In 2018, there were 292 million tons of waste generated. Averagely that is 4.9 Lb. of waste per person. The waste from municipalities is recycled the most. The data says that in 2018, there was a recycling rate of 32%. Some of the waste is reprocessed not other means such as bio-chemical management.The largest categories of waste pertain to paper, food plastics, yard trims, and metals. Food, plastics, and paper make are the main resources for energy production from waste.

How is a landfill different from a dump?

There is one detail to clear out. Landfills and dumps sound the same but are not. A landfill is engineered to maximally reduce the effect on the environment of the waste. The advantages of landfills over dumps are that landfills are managed with more care and landfills can even recycle the waste to produce other compounds or to even produce energy. Dumps are almost nonexistent today as they do not manage the waste and just leave things in the open.

What time does the landfill open near me?

The schedule of each landfill differs and they different hours of operation. To find the opening hours regarding a specific landfill, you use the above site. After you have located the desired landfill to use, the operating hours can be seen on current page of site after clicking into the “Opening hours” section. There you will be able to locate the opening hours and any other facts about the business services of the landfill.

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