Diana Johnston

Hi and welcome to my website NearestLandfill.com.

My name is Diana Johnston. I’m from Elmhurst, Illinois. I studied in Elmhurst University. Now I live in Miami Florida and have a family, my husband Wyatt and my childrens Dave and Caroline. I am interested in protecting and preserving the environment and my family supports me.

First of all when I graduated from the university I discovered that there is a lot of information about landfills and transfer stations in the local district. It helps people with waste. But when I tried to find appropriate information it was really hard. After a short research I decided that it was necessary to make a short list of local facilities in my district. It was a great success, so I decided to make a list of the whole state. After a few months my husband helped me make it for the whole country.

Why did I do it? Main mission is to bridge the gap and lack of information about landfills and transfer stations. With the help of our project you can find information regarding your local landfill, hours of work, phone number,  location, types of recycling wastes, etc. We hope you find the content helpful.

You can contact me through the feedback form on the “Contact Us” page or Facebook.

P.S. Most of all I want to thank my husband, because if it were not for him, I would not have had any of this!